The Real Butterfly Effect

Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? It states that something as simple as the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wing can set in motion an extraordinary chain of events.

Once upon a time, I poured my heart into my debut novel, yet no publisher was interested. It was a crushing blow. The path I wanted to traverse as a fiction author now suddenly seemed impassable, and I found myself at a loss.

Then, on an ordinary day, I received an email sent by an editor named Olga Rubis. She told me that my writing was not bad for a beginner, and even though she would pass on my current submission, she welcomed me to send her any future manuscripts I might write.

Nothing had changed externally, and I hadn’t suddenly acquired new talent or overnight success. However, those gentle words, written at the perfect moment, infused life into my aspirations. My journey was far from hopeless, and I possessed the very essence required to turn my dream into reality.

Now, two decades and seventeen published books later, I find myself reminiscing about that pivotal moment. It makes me wonder, what if one of my subscribers yearns for the same words of encouragement today? What if, by writing them, I could set in motion the Butterfly Effect needed in their lives, much like Olga Rubis did for me?

And so, here are those words:

I am writing to you to say that no matter what will happen, you will be fine. You do what you can in your situation, and you work towards your goal at your own pace.

You are enough, and you are doing great. Just look back; what an amazing journey you’ve had! You survived all the previous challenges because that is your superpower! You have enough strength and courage to overcome all sorts of setbacks. You’re a real expert in this!

Anyone in your position would be worried. Anyone would doubt themselves. You have every right to experience the feelings that overwhelm you. But unless you give up, the Universe will be on your side. It will send you the right people and the right opportunities. Just trust it and keep your eyes open for any chances that may come your way. Then grab them like a bunch of balloons, and they will take you to your dream.


P.S. If you know someone who could get inspired by these uplifting words, please forward this article to them. It might change their life for the better.

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  • Евгений Рабкин
    06/25/2023 - 22:37 · Reply

    Рад опять видеть ваши действия, вашу работу!
    Зыж уберите эту ужасную капчу

    • Elvira Bary
      06/26/2023 - 15:46 · Reply

      Не могу: иначе меня спамеры засыпают предложениями сыграть в карты и увеличить все возможные части тела.

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