Quiz 2: An Explorer's Driving Force

Uncover which personality trait has the greatest impact on your actions and results.

Before you dive into Quiz 2, make sure you’ve completed Quiz 1.


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People often perceive me as having...

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What influences your self-esteem the most?

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How do you typically react to failure?

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What describes your attitude towards having power over others?

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When do you lose interest in a task?

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You've received an invitation to a prestigious event. What would you want to happen?

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What sets you apart from others?

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When making decisions, what influences you the most?

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How do you typically react to conflicts?

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What type of behavior irritates you the most?

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Which of the following quotes resonates with you the most?

About Quiz 2

Quiz 2 is specially designed to unveil your driving force and pinpoint which Explorer subtype you align with.

While your core personality type, the Explorer, defines your innate life purpose and associated interests, the journey toward your goals can vary greatly based on your driving force.

Your driving force dictates your decision-making process, your areas of focus, how you defend yourself, and even how you influence the thoughts and actions of others. It's your most potent strength, unleashing countless opportunities.

Much of this unfolds subconsciously, and many individuals remain unaware of the hidden treasures bestowed upon them by nature.

Upon completing Quiz 2, you'll have the option to order a detailed e-book that delves into your personality type and subtype. Consider it your personalized manual, a guide to understanding yourself, your potential challenges, your strengths, and how to wield that unique "trump card" to benefit both yourself and those you cherish.

The e-book about yourself is available for $17.