Elvira Bary

About the Author

I'm Elvira Bary, the author of 17 internationally published books and the creator of the Sphinx Method, a tool for exploring the most profound aspects of personal identity and purpose.


My Early Life

I was born in Soviet Russia and grew up in an apartment with a stunning view of enormous factory chimneys. All the adults I knew worked at that factory. My teenage friends dreamed of securing jobs there, and the older generation indulged in a never-ending competition to recount the severity of their industrial injuries and the compensation they received for them.

But for me, they were a world away from the company of noble pirates, brave astronauts, and mysterious werewolves that brought the books I read to life.

After university, I got a law degree, but I wanted to stay in the realm of incredible stories and become a writer instead. Over the past two decades, I've written numerous novels and textbooks, journeyed globally, and settled in sunny Southern California.

The Origins of the Sphinx Method

I still wrote in my native Russian. My books ranged from fantasy adventure stories to epic historical novels, which required years of research and trips all over the world.

I unexpectedly became a teacher as well. In 2006, I created a website to upload the literary knowledge I collected over time. At first, it was for personal reference only. However, it became apparent that tens of thousands were reading my articles, and I was already recognized as a guru and authority in the field.

Over the years, I have taught creative writing and guided novice writers in constructing compelling plots and, most importantly, creating realistic characters. I advised my students to consider their characters’ natural interests and fears, as these factors influence a person’s choices in different situations.

Eventually, I realized this method applied to more than just literary pursuits. My students utilized it themselves, which significantly aided their self-actualization.

I contemplated consolidating my ideas into a standalone project for a long time. Yet, like many of us swept up in our busy lives, I kept pushing this ambitious project to the back burner, always saving it for later.


The Catastrophe

Everything I had built over 20 years came crashing down on February 24th, 2022, when Russia, my home country, invaded Ukraine, triggering a personal and professional fallout. Amidst this turmoil, I distanced myself from anyone who supported the war, and due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, my business ground to a halt. Moreover, Moscow-based publishing houses severed ties with me, fearing that my political beliefs could attract unwanted police attention.

The cumulative stress of these events took a devastating toll on my health, leading to a diagnosis of breast cancer.

I was confronted with a simple choice: either give up on myself or find a way to get my life back on track. I resolved to apply the Sphinx Method to my own story and rise from the ashes. I thoroughly examined my purpose and the evolution of my personal narrative. Understanding my personality composition enabled me to identify where and how to utilize my talents effectively. I decided to start anew, aiming for a higher standard. This time, my approach would extend beyond writers to anyone interested in self-actualization.

A Fresh Beginning

I conducted approximately a hundred interviews discussing people’s inclinations, interests, and fears, which resulted in detailed descriptions of 16 personality subtypes.

These interviews sparked another valuable realization: a person's self-actualization is directly linked to the sources of their inner energy.

I was able to overcome cancer and reconstruct my professional life only because I mastered how to manage my energy and identified the specific areas where it should be directed. More information on this concept can be found here.

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My Books

The books I've authored in recent years include historical novels set in 20th-century Russia and China, fantasy action/adventure stories, and textbooks for aspiring writers. I plan to translate some of these works as soon as I establish an English-speaking audience.