How Do I Find My True Self?

One of our deepest fears is that of living a life devoid of meaning: not fulfilling our potential, missing opportunities, and failing to accomplish what we’ve always desired.

We know that we’re packed with untapped potential, but all of these assets are stowed away like spare buttons, stored for a day that never seems to come. Each talent we possess is precious, but how can they be used to their fullest potential?

When the array of choices is overwhelming, we either become paralyzed by indecision or we jump from one endeavor to another without seeing any of them through to completion.

For a lion, it’s challenging to hunt when the prey is part of a large herd, presenting an indistinguishable mass of legs and horns. But the story changes when an antelope strays from the pack, allowing the predator to concentrate its efforts.

We’re much the same. To achieve meaningful results, we need to concentrate on something specific. However, this “something” isn’t a profession or a body of knowledge. Rather, it’s the role we wish to take on in society.
Look at this diagram:

Your first-level personality type establishes your inherent interests, tendencies, and fears. There’s no effort required to be a Hunter, Giver, Explorer, or Keeper. You simply engage in what you enjoy and gravitate towards what intrigues you.

Yet, it’s in our nature to crave more and to aspire to success, which requires evolving beyond our fundamental personality type. To advance to the second level, you’ll need to exert effort, ultimately becoming either an Expert in your chosen field or a Sage, accumulating and disseminating knowledge.

Upon reaching the third level, you either become a Leader or an Inspirer, impacting not only yourself and your immediate circle but also people you’ve never met.

Learn more about second and third-level personality types in my book, How to Unlock Your Potential.

Transitioning to the next level is no walk in the park. But it presents a clear objective; you decide, for instance, “I want to be an Expert painter” or “I aim to be a Leader in the banking industry,” and you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take in order to become the person you aspire to be.

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