How to Manage Your Life Like a Magical Kingdom

You may be familiar with the sensation that follows unpleasant events when anxiety descends upon you, causing painful thoughts to circle in your mind. The problem engulfs you like a bubble, making the outside world, with all its joys and possibilities, seem unattainable. You become oblivious to everything except the problem itself.

One of the best ways to deal with this anxiety is by separating yourself from the problem. It’s even more effective when you approach it with creativity.

Your Inner World as a Magical Kingdom

I love envisioning my world as a magical kingdom where I reign as the sovereign ruler.

Within my kingdom, there are fertile lands of fantasy and creativity, allowing me to cultivate anything I desire. Deep beneath the surface lie treasures of the soil, representing my natural talents and inclinations. I can tap into these resources, utilizing them for my own benefit or sharing them with the outside world.

My kingdom is divided into provinces, with the most vital one being the Body. This province serves as the bustling hub of activity, where cells engage in trade among themselves and with countless foreign entities, such as bacteria and viruses, who have become permanent residents within my Body. The Body nourishes the entire kingdom, generating energy that fuels every aspect of life. This energy serves as my internal currency, forming the foundation of our economy.

Another significant province is Self-Actualization, which produces valuable skills and knowledge that are in demand beyond the borders of my kingdom in the real world. Through this province, I earn foreign currencies, such as dollars or euros, enabling me to acquire things that I am unable to produce myself.

The province known as Relationships spans vast landscapes, encompassing the peaks of love and friendship, flat plateaus, and treacherous gorges that invoke fear. The rivers originating from the peaks serve as a source of nourishment for all other parts of the kingdom, but they can also cause destructive earthquakes.

The Province of Knowledge and Beliefs stands as the prominent cultural center within my kingdom. Here, one can find the Museum of Inviolable Values, temples of faith, libraries of memory, and monuments commemorating various events from my past. This province serves as the primary destination for tourists, diplomats, and different delegations. Their interest in my country leads to the establishment of new friendships, readership, and partnerships.

Back to Anxiety

When I find myself feeling worried, I identify which specific province within my kingdom is experiencing trouble. It could be an avalanche from the peaks of Relationships or even a terrorist attack targeting the temple of self-esteem.

It’s important to recognize that the issue doesn’t encompass the entirety of my kingdom. It’s a signal that something has gone awry in a particular part of my inner world. Given the vastness of my domain, events are bound to occur constantly, and that’s okay.

As the all-powerful ruler, I am not obligated to permanently reside in the troubled province. Instead, I pay a visit to the site of the disaster, express my sympathy, and then return to the capital, which is situated in an entirely different place. From there, I can calmly reflect on the situation and make a rational decision on how to address the problem.

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