How to Unlock Your Potential

This illustrated ebook is for those who believe they have great potential but struggle to find their true path.

There is no need to cycle through various professions or side hustles. The answer lies in a different approach: you need to choose a meaningful role you are willing to play in society, and that will change your perspective.


When you entered this world, you brought inherent traits bestowed upon you by nature. These traits are sufficient for living a normal life and achieving basic milestones. However, if you want to unlock your full potential and utilize your best qualities, you need to upgrade your personality type.

There are four ways to have a significant impact on the world and achieve both financial success and high social status: becoming an Expert, a Sage, an Inspirer, or a Leader. Each of these roles allows you to find meaning and provide invaluable services to others.

Rather than searching for yourself, decide who you want to be and transform yourself into that kind of person.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Second-Level Personality Types
  3. Experts
  4. Sages
  5. Third-Level Personality Types
  6. Inspirers
  7. Leaders
  8. How To Work With Personality Types