Explorer / Experimenter

The quiz has revealed that you belong to a unique subtype of Explorers, characterized by a strong driving force, physicality. You are an Experimenter, a person who seeks unusual and exciting life experiences. Your life’s calling is to explore what others might shy away from.

You can request a personalized e-book tailored specifically for Experimenters. This book will explore your personality traits in-depth: what motivates you, what comes naturally to you, where potential pitfalls lie, and why others value your contributions.


Within two days, you will receive the e-book in PDF format, allowing you to print it out and reference it during moments of uncertainty. Think of it as a booster of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Understanding yourself is akin to maintaining good health. When you know who you are, you can proactively pursue your goals. Conversely, when you lose touch with your true identity and worth, your capabilities diminish. It’s best to prevent such a situation from arising.

Upon placing your order, a download link for the e-book will be sent to the email address you provide.


• Description of Your Subtype
• Character Development
• Desires
• Fears
• Relationship with the Subconscious
• Strengths
• Appreciation from Others
• Potential Pitfalls
• Romantic and Family Relationships
• Friendships
• Career
• Types of Self-Sabotage
• Winning Strategies


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