Quiz 1: Find Your Personality Type and Its Life Purpose


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If a genie could grant you one wish, what would it be? Your choices are…

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Which of the following is the most unbearable for you?

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In your eyes, what's the coolest achievement out of the following?

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Pick a movie to watch

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Finish the phrase “I will consider myself an accomplished person if…”

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Choose a set of words that are most significant to you...

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What kind of person would you rather befriend?

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What kind of famous person is most interesting to you?

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A distant relative mentioned you in their will, and you can choose one piece of inheritance. What would you choose?

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You're gearing up for a Halloween party. Which costume appeals to you the most?

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Which super power would you prefer?

About the Quiz

Your personality type determines certain aspects of your character that you can’t change through sheer willpower. These aspects include your core interests, inclinations, and fears. Think of it as a behavioral program inherited from your distant ancestors who lived during the Ice Age.

Originally, this program's purpose was to assign roles within primitive tribes, ensuring that everyone willingly contributed to the community's survival.

From a biological standpoint, civilization is relatively new, and the genetic code responsible for these behavioral programs hasn't had much time to adapt. So, the "program code" in the game of Life doesn't always match the "screen," and you must adapt accordingly.

Your personality type guides your subconscious. It's responsible for your motivation, inspiration, and desire to work and achieve. If your subconscious believes that you're not fulfilling your natural role, it can withhold energy and even punish you with feelings of laziness, fatigue, or irritation. Your subconscious has various tools at its disposal and endless patience.

Fighting against your inherent nature is futile; it's like wishing you were a centaur. Instead, it's far more effective to collaborate with Mother Nature and make the most of her gifts.

Answer ten simple questions to discover whether you're a Hunter, a Giver, an Explorer, or a Keeper. I'll then send you an email with a detailed description of your personality type and advice on how to tap into your natural potential in the modern world.

If you're interested in delving deeper into your inner world and understanding the unique strengths nature has bestowed upon you, take Quiz 2 to determine your driving force. You'll find it in the same email.