Quiz: Find Your Core Personality Archetype and Its Purpose

The Sphinx Method: Step 1

Learn how your innate interests and fears shape your personality


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Which role resonates with you the most?

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Which of the following sounds the most unbearable to you?

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Which ending in films and books do you find most satisfying?

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Choose the word set that best reflects your priorities:

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When you're anxious, it’s typically because of…

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A distant relative mentioned you in their will, and you can choose one thing to inherit. What would you choose?

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Which of these makes you happiest?

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Finish the sentence: Self-realization primarily means…

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Which slogan resonates with you?

About the Quiz

Your core personality archetype is determined by traits such as inclinations, interests, and fears. This behavioral pattern traces back to your distant ancestors thousands of years ago. Its original purpose was to assign roles within a primitive tribe, ensuring everyone contributed to the group’s survival based on their inherent abilities.

Our biological and behavioral makeup has remained essentially unchanged since then. Thus, your destiny is still influenced by your core personality archetype. Despite living in dramatically different conditions, your subconscious remains indifferent to modern changes. It still adheres to ancient rules: if you engage in activities that align with your natural role, you will find progress exciting and have ample motivation and energy. Conversely, you struggle and experience boredom and discomfort if you stray from your true path.

Attempting to alter your fundamental nature is as futile as wishing to be a centaur. Instead, aligning with your natural traits and utilizing them wisely is far more effective.

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