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Givers are people whose life purpose is to nurture relationships, support loved ones, and foster connections.

Givers are people whose life purpose is to nurture relationships, support loved ones, and foster connections.

The innate purpose of a Giver derives from the behavioral patterns of their distant ancestors. Developed thousands of years ago, these patterns were intended to distribute roles within a primitive tribe so that individuals would willingly engage in activities that benefited the entire group. The ancient Givers maintained family relationships, prioritized procreation, and constantly sought the well-being of their loved ones.

As a Giver, you inherit their legacy. Human biology remains unchanged despite the passing of time, and thus, you harbor the same desires as millions of your predecessors. Nevertheless, you exist in a vastly different world, necessitating a balance between the Call of the Heart (your innate, subconscious drive) and the Call of the Mind (your conscious choices).

Ignoring one's true calling leads to profound unhappiness. However, disregarding rational thought can lead to significant failures, both in personal and professional life.

Your Fundamental Traits

Your life's purpose is shaped by your inherent tendencies, interests, and fears, so your subconscious will drive you to seek fulfillment in the following areas:
•    Finding true love
•    Building a happy family and a secure home
•    Gaining the affection and admiration of others
•    Developing strong social ties with those you value
•    Achieving peace, financial security, and confidence about your future and the future of your loved ones.

Respectively, you are interested in personal relationships, family engagements, beauty, psychology, and good housekeeping.

To ensure you remain focused on your mission, you are equipped with an inherent fear of things that could impede your self-actualization, like the dread of being unlovable or unworthy of love. You are also sensitive to any form of instability or aggression that threatens your way of life or the well-being of your loved ones.

Givers’ Interests

Givers’ interests are reflected in their choice of books and films. They gravitate toward narratives involving romance, friendship, and family relationships. They also appreciate mysteries and thrillers, especially those that feature an underdog triumphing over formidable foes.

There is a rational explanation for this. The worst thing that could happen to an ancient Giver was an attack by mighty intruders who either kidnapped or killed their loved ones. The echo of this fear makes modern Givers instinctively delve into stories such as David triumphing over Goliath.

The heroes that captivate Givers are beautiful, courageous, responsible, and generous. They navigate challenges with honor, acting in the best interest of their families or communities. Thus, they earn love as the ultimate reward.


Besides the interests mentioned above, many Givers are drawn to activities that involve:

•    Flirting and playful relationships that affirm the attractiveness of a Giver
•    Children and/or pets
•    Beauty in all its forms, from makeup to architecture
•    Rejuvenation, weight loss, and personal care
•    Arts and crafts
•    Charity
•    Personal and professional development


Givers have an innate desire to feel loved and wanted. They unconsciously try to pique others’ interest and earn their respect. This is essential for fulfilling their purpose since establishing personal or professional connections begins with catching people's attention and making them interested in further interactions.

Thus, Givers are naturally motivated to:

•    Enhance their appeal, and this may apply to their looks, expertise, connections, or spiritual development
•    Improve their financial well-being and elevate their social standing
•    Support their relatives, friends, or anyone they take under their wings.

Engaging with the World

Coexistence with Givers is smooth as long as they feel cherished and appreciated. People of this archetype look for acknowledgment and gratitude from others, expecting that they will recognize their efforts and contributions.

Maintaining close and regular connections with relatives and friends who share their values is vital for Givers. They occasionally need time for themselves, although they cannot stand loneliness for long. If Givers find themselves lonely, they try to fix it in every possible manner. They might adopt pets, call up friends, volunteer, or engage in lengthy online conversations.

In family relationships, Givers are looking for reliable partners who can support their families. They appreciate tokens of consideration and commitment, like gifts, celebrating significant moments, and observing family traditions.


As for children, most Givers love them wholeheartedly and build strong bonds with them, especially with the younger ones.

In intimate relationships, Givers prioritize their partner’s physical and emotional pleasure. For many women within this archetype, their partner's desire for them can be incredibly arousing on its own. If rejected in childhood, Giver may seek constant validation of love and loyalty from their partners, potentially leading to jealousy, the desire to control every little step, and long periods of melancholy.


Often, Givers find themselves in a recurring dilemma: they attempt to assist their partner, taking on all the familial responsibilities, and eagerly await recognition and reciprocal efforts, which rarely materialize.

Failed attempts to cultivate affectionate, loving relationships may turn a Giver into a demanding complainer or lead them to engage in pointless, demeaning self-abnegation that no one requested.

Many Givers willingly forgo their happiness to stay in dysfunctional marriages, convinced it's in the best interest of their children. They view the dissolution of the family as a profound violation of its sanctity. So what if they teach their children to see unhappiness as a norm? So what if that kind of family lacks the most essential element, love? These Givers are so afraid of being alone that they prefer empty or even destructive relationships over no relationship at all.

Another common pitfall for Givers is their obsession with maintaining beauty and youth, especially in societies where being a trophy wife is seen as a mark of success. Givers might invest heavily in achieving their ideal looks through cosmetic surgery, stylish accessories, or upscale beauty products. Yet, in most cases, these efforts do little to help them fulfill their true purpose. Meanwhile, their time, effort, and finances are significantly depleted.


Givers’ desire for recognition and appreciation extends to the workplace as well. They often seek approval from management and colleagues, work excessively, and exhaust themselves without ever receiving the acknowledgment they crave. Overall, Givers' main issues stem from a lack of boundaries and a failure to recognize that people who belong to other personality archetypes operate differently and hold distinct values and motivations.


People of this archetype yearn to be loved and accepted, irrespective of their age, looks, situation, or health. Yet, it's uncommon for Givers to extend the same attitude to themselves. They seek others' unconditional love but hesitate to provide it to themselves without a “good reason.” They struggle through life, seeking definitive proof that they are lovable. However, their ultimate satisfaction comes from warm relationships with close ones rather than pursuing accolades.


A true haven for an accomplished Giver includes mutual understanding and care, shared admiration, passion, and fondness.

Another frequent issue for this archetype is the urge to tame their partner who mistreats or consistently fails them. Time and again, modern Givers try to realize the Beauty and the Beast type of relationship in real life, but, unfortunately, such narratives rarely conclude with a happy ending.

Identifying Your Giver Subtype

The majority of your success in life depends on how well you know yourself. This knowledge helps you set the right goals, concentrate on what truly matters to you, and overcome challenges in ways that suit your natural inclinations. This process begins with acknowledging you are a Giver and then understanding your personality subtype.

Select the option that best matches your aspirations and click the link for your detailed subtype description.

To feel truly accomplished, I need—

A: To ensure that my loved ones are well taken care of and have access to the best opportunities in life

B: Exciting projects and opportunities to meet interesting people and establish cooperation with them

C: Possession of the qualities that make me indispensable, irresistible, and well-off

D: Romance, profound emotions, and nuanced sentiments

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