The Stupidest Person in the World

We all have those moments that make us cringe and exclaim, “Oh, dear… I might just qualify as the stupidest person in the world!”

Let’s dive into some examples:

Craving excitement, Anna, a 38-year-old teacher, resolved to conquer Mount Everest. But the extreme altitude of Nepal proved too formidable for her, not to mention the air quality in Kathmandu took a toll on her already delicate lungs. Within two days of her arrival, she fell ill first with bronchitis and then contracted COVID-19. Thus, her grand expedition was reduced to a solitary stay at a hotel, battling isolation.

Andrew, a 46-year-old entrepreneur, found himself entangled in a fierce rivalry with his competitors. Consumed by anger, he often vented his frustrations on his wife, which ultimately led to their divorce and the sale of Andrew’s business.

Marina, a 59-year-old accountant, endured a lifetime of her husband’s bullying. Despite the constant emotional turmoil, she chose to remain in the marriage for the sake of her children, believing that even an inadequate father figure was better than none at all. Sadly, her daughters followed in her footsteps and married men who mirrored Marina’s husband’s ways. Unbeknownst to Marina, she unintentionally set an example of what a normal life should entail, perpetuating the cycle of family misfortune into the next generation.

Why Do Smart People Make Decisions That Ultimately Harm Them?

We often heed the inner voice that guides us, believing it to possess superior knowledge.

Upon receiving my first substantial paycheck from online teaching, I chose to venture into producing…a musical. It was a pursuit close to my heart, and I didn’t question its merit. As it turned out, I was woefully unacquainted with the intricacies of musical production, and my endeavor ended in spectacular failure.

Intuition, also referred to as the “call of the heart” or the “inner voice,” serves as our subconscious means of communicating with our conscious selves. Popular culture extols its virtues, insisting that “the heart never lies.” But is this truly the case? While it occasionally hits the mark, more often than not, it leads to grievous errors. For instance, a significant number of newlyweds follow their hearts, yet half of them still end up divorcing.

Why Does the Subconscious Make Us Do Stupid Things?

The subconscious often drives us to engage in actions that may seem foolish. This happens because it relies on behavioral programs inherited from our ancient ancestors. Unaware that we now live in the 21st century, it clings to scripts that worked well in the Stone Age but don’t fit modern life.

Take Anna, for instance, whose basic personality type is that of an Explorer. Her yearning for adventure stems from an era when one couldn’t easily traverse different environments or comprehend the perils of epidemics and air pollution. Her subconscious failed to account for these factors, and she didn’t even consider them.

Andrew, on the other hand, has a basic personality type of a Hunter. The competition was essential to him, and his outbursts towards his wife served as a means to release pent-up frustration, echoing the behavior of countless male ancestors before him. In ancient times, a woman couldn’t leave her husband, so his emotions took precedence over her well-being.

We encounter a similar antiquated mindset in Marina’s case. Moreover, Marina embodies the Giver personality type. Her existence revolved around making her daughters happy, disregarding personal happiness. Sadly, in doing so, she inadvertently taught them to tolerate abuse and accept it as the norm.

As a Keeper, I sought to benefit my “tribe” by investing personal resources into a grand project. Individuals sharing the same personality type often prioritize pursuing something meaningful for them at the expense of common sense.

Ignoring the voice of the subconscious can be just as dangerous as blindly following it!

Focusing solely on reason may lead us astray from our life’s purpose, resulting in sadness, depression, and other problems.

To navigate this, it’s crucial to recognize when to follow the call of the heart and when to rely on reason. Ask yourself these simple questions when facing an important decision:

  • What is currently motivating me? Is it an ancient behavioral program or a logical calculation? Does it align with reality?
  • What is truly in my best interest at this moment?
  • Am I aware of the potential consequences? Do I have all the necessary information?

It is far wiser to ponder these straightforward inquiries and enhance the quality of our decisions than to later lament, “Am I the most stupid person in the world?”

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